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Welcome to Quality Finish Painters Geelong, the place to go for all manner of painting services for the people of Geelong.
We offer a number of services to both residential home owners and commercial business owners, so regardless of the size of the job, call us today.
Your house should reflect your personality and style, and the colour scheme you use on the interior and exterior walls is one sure fire way that you can turn your house from a place where you live, to a place that you can call home. 


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About US

Geelong is a beautiful city and we wish to add to that beauty one house at a time.

Quality Finish Painters Geelong’s professional painters have been working on Geelong’s homes and businesses for years, and we hope to add you to our growing list of people satisfied with the stunning change a professional painting job can have on a property.

Our company offers a long list of services, but there is still a good chance that you might require a job that we have not listed. If this is the case, please call us or contact us to find out whether we can handle your job. You will probably find that unless it is children’s face painting or finger painting, we will be happy to handle it.

So, if you own your home, we have you covered with our interior and exterior painting services, as well as painting and staining services for your deck, porch, patio and fence. We also offer roof painting services, for that complete top to bottom, inside and out painting service.

If you are a business owner, or you are opening a shop, or you own townhouses or apartment complexes, please keep us in mind for when you need painting services. The services available to residential owners, are also available to commercial property owners and business owners, too.

Please call us or enter your details on the contact form, and one of our friendly staff will talk with you as soon as possible.

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Interior Painting Geelong

interior painters Geelong

Your home should be a reflection of your personality, character and style. This can be difficulty if you’ve bought the house from someone else, though. The colour scheme, while it might be vibrant and interesting, just might not be ‘you’.
Where the previous owner preferred a light, airy colour scheme in the bedroom, you might prefer a more intimate, cozy darker scheme.  You might think the bathroom looks a bit too cramped, but a light coat of paint might just make that space seem a lot bigger.
And the living room, while quite serviceably painted in eggshell white, really needs some yellow and orange to add some vibrancy and energy tat are the hallmarks of your character.
And of course the opposite is true. Maybe you live your life more conservatively, and the bright red bedroom is just too bright for you. Whatever the case might be, we can help.
We understand paint and colour. It’s our job. It’s what we do. We would love to convert your home into a place that reflects your personality and style for years to come. Please call us today, or use the contact form, and our professional Interior Painting Geelong contractors will be happy to talk to you.

Exterior Painting Geelong

exterior painters Geelong

Getting your exteriors a new, fresh paint job before you sell could boost your property value by 140% the cost of the job itself. In any language, that is a great return of interest.
But even if you aren’t selling your house, there are still good reasons why your exteriors might need to be painted. The paint layer protects your surfaces from moisture damage, as well as protecting it from the constant barrage of sunlight, rain, wind blown dust and the effects of termites, birds and other animals.
So, when you are ready for a fresh exterior painting service, give us a call, or fill in the contact details form.

Commercial Painting Geelong

commercial painters Geelong

Residential home owners see the benefit of interior and exterior painting of their homes, but much that applies to home owners apply also to owners of commercial business properties, or managers of business premises.
Perhaps you have a shop opening soon, with a vibrant, colourful brand. Painting your interiors and exteriors in colours that complement your brand reinforces the values that your shop stands for.
Commercial business owners and Business Property managers also have similar considerations to focus on in regards to the colouring of their interiors and exteriors. What does your colour schema say about you? If your exteriors are bland and your interiors and dull, with flaked off and peeling paint, these are not good first impressions to make to potential clients.
If you want your business property, shop or commercial business premise to appear vibrant, fresh and appealing, a good first step is calling us to performing your interior and exterior painting.

Roof Painting Geelong

roof painters Geelong

Often times we don’t really think much about our roofs. As long as they are up there, doing their job, we are happy. But what we often don’t realise is that the roof needs to be protected, so that it can continue to protect us into the future.
And roof painting is a great way of doing this. We all know how a roof is supposed to work. The rain falls down, it hits the roof, flows down into the gutters and off it goes into the drainage system. As long as this continues to be the case, our roof should continue to serve us far into the future.
But when algae and lichen begin to grow, problems begin to occur. Looking at algae and lichen, we wouldn’t think they’d be that great a deal, but lichen in particular soaks in water and keeps it close to the roof surface. It is this close contact between water and roof that can cause the roof to begin to rot and cause leaks.
And leaks can be expensive to fix.
But painting your roof helps protect against algae and lichen. So give us a call, or write down your details in the contact form, so that we can begin protecting your roof for long into the future with a professionally done roof painting service.

Deck, Porch, Patio Painting and Staining Geelong

deck painters Geelong

There is an obvious reason your outdoor entertainment areas need a bit of protection. And that is because … it is outside … where the sun beats down on them for hour after hour, and rain drenches them, and insects get at them, and birds poop on them, and so much more.
Of course, painting your decks, patios or porches won’t stop birds pooping on them, but it will protect the surface against the damaging effects of wind, sun, dust, insects and all things excrement.
And let’s not forget also … giving your outdoor entertainment area a fresh clean coat of paint, or bringing out the wood’s natural grain makes the area a great place to bring people. An outdoor entertainment area is a complete waste of time if, because of dull, faded, discoloured, splintery wood, you don’t use it to entertain people. So make good use of this area by giving us a call, or leaving your details in the contact form.

Fence Painting Geelong

fence painters Geelong

The reasons for painting or staining your fence are often very similar to the reasons for painting the deck, patio or porch.
1.  You want to protect the fence surface from the elements and insects, and;

2.  It makes the fence look good, thereby increasing the value of your property.
Now, a note of difference between wanting to protect your fence and your outdoor entertainment area might be that fences are used to define the extremities of your property. Your fence is supposed to denote security. However, if your fence becomes rotten by the forces of nature, or overwhelmed by termites, the security that it represents is lessened.
This can be particularly hurtful to the hip pocket come market day, as a broken down fence does not project the security a potential buyer way be wishing for.
Think ahead of that moment, by getting your fence painted now, so that the paint can protect your fence, for years to come, from the ravages of the elements. Call us, or leave your details in the contact form, and our friendly staff will talk to you as soon as possible.

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At Quality Finish Painters Geelong, our Geelong painter expert contractors are eager to begin working with you. Painting is deceptively difficult to master; it looks easy when you see someone do it on the TV, but to do a proper professional and consistent job for the entirety of your home, inside and outside, is extremely difficult.
So, please call us today and ask for a complimentary free quote, or you could fill out the contact quote form above. Our friendly staff are looking forward to be working with you.

Have Questions? See Below For Some Answers

Why Should I Consider Painting My Interior Walls?

The main reasons people should decide to paint their interior walls are:

1.  It increases the property value.
2.  You can impose your personality and character on your house; and
3.  Paint cleans and protects your walls.
If you are in the market for selling your house, one of the best things you can do to your house to increase the property value without shelling out a whole lot of money is painting your interior walls. Painted walls look fresh and gives your house a clean, vibrant look that immediately sets prospective client’s minds at ease. You’ve surely been in a house with dirty, scuffed up, dull and drably painted walls, with fingerprints and marks everywhere … it doesn’t paint a good picture (pardon the pun) of a house you’d want to live in.
Even if you aren’t looking to sell your house, or perhaps you’ve just bought one, then painting your house is a great way to stamp your personality and style on your home. A house should be a reflection of you as a person, and your colour scheme is a great way of doing that.
And lastly, whether you are looking to sell your house or not, painting your walls is a great way of cleaning them. To prepare for the paint, the interiors must first be cleaned. As such, they will be the cleanest they’ll ever be. Also, the paint protects the wall surface from moisture, which can bring on mould or mildew issues.

What About My Exterior Walls? And My Roof? Should I Paint Those?

Do you really expect us, a painting company specialising in interior and exterior house painting, to say ‘No’ to this question?

Of course we are going to say it is important to paint your exteriors and roof, and a lot of the answers are very similar to the answers provided in the previous segment.
1.  Painting your exteriors provides a great Return of Investment come selling the house.

2.  It protects your exteriors and roof from the elements, and can save you a lot of money.

​3.  It will make your house look better.
There have been studies done to determine what kind of return on investment an exterior paint job has on the overall market value of your house. And the answer might be surprising. You might think it costs a lot to paint your exteriors. We’re here to say that, if you are intending on selling your house, it might cost you money to not paint your exteriors.
An exterior paint job offers a return of investment of approximately 140% on the initial cost. Therefore, if you spend $1000 on having your external walls painted, you could feasibly expect to see an increase in property value of approximately $1400.
As with interior walls, painting your exterior surfaces will protect them from the elements. Inside the house you might need to protect your walls from hand smudges and moisture, but outside the elements might be a little more brutal. Your exteriors are out in the sun, the rain and wind all the time; the paint gives your surfaces a protective layer against these factors.
And that is especially the case with your roof. Painting your roof protects your roof from water damage. Now, you might think the roof doesn’t need any extra protection from water – it’s whole purpose and design is to ensure water flows away. And this is true, but if lichen and algae appears, these things can trap water close to the roof surface. Water is corrosive, and over time, this moisture will cause leaks into your house, and necessitate an expensive roof repair.
Paint provides a protective layer that eliminates the effects of lichen and algae.
And finally, a fresh coat of paint just makes your house look better. Before it might have been run down, paint flaking, dull and boring. The eyesore of the neighbourhood. After our painters come through, your house will be the envy of the neighbours.

Why Should I Spend Money On Professional Painters? I Can Do It Myself.

If you can do it yourself, go ahead. Enjoy, and good luck to you. However, just give us a few moments to plead the case for professional painters to do paint jobs.
1.  Painting is easy to do adequately, and difficult to do professionally.

2.  It takes time to prepare, to paint, and to clean up. You’ve got other things you can do.

3.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, painting can be stressful. We know what we’re doing.
Most people can pick up a paint brush or a roller, slap some point on it and paint a wall. And most of us would do a fairly good job. Provided you stand a little distance back so that you can’t see the fine detail.
Like anything, it takes practice to perfect something, and painting is no different. You are going to be looking at your walls for years to come; would you prefer to look at a fairly good job, or would you prefer to look at a professional job, done right first time.
Secondly, it takes time to paint a wall, and that’s not including the preparation to your paint surface, or the cleaning up afterwards. And what do people say about time and money? Even if you think you might be saving on some money by doing it all yourself, ultimately you will be spending time instead. You can make more money; you can’t make more time.
And thirdly, painting can be stressful, if you don’t know what you’re doing. Have you cleaned the surface properly? Do you have the right type of paint? Which type of paint is best? Do you have the right equipment? Have you got the right safety equipment? How many coats of paint do I need? Am I handling the paint safely?
And we could go on and on. There are a myriad of things you need to consider when you paint your walls … or, you can let the professionals worry about it instead.

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